Running A Marathon - or So It Feels

The past several weeks have been busy as I tried to accomplish so many things with only a set number of hours in a day.


Thankfully, when I finished writing the rough draft of Soul Confessions, I was able to go right into writing the fourth title of my Freedom in Love Series (which I hadn't anticipated) titled, Divided Loyalties.


Even more thankfully, because of the length of seniority I have at work, I have six weeks of annual vacation at my disposal every year. I've used most of it, even taking a couple of weeks to fly myself, my kids and grandkids to Winnipeg (from Nunavut) to begin exploring Manitoba.


We had a wonderful time. I even know where I hope to retire when the time is right - and the nearest store will be about a 20 minute drive away. 


I came back recharged and, within three days, I was back at the computer, determined to finish Divided Loyalties before returning to work on the 24th.


I'm proud to say I accomplished my goal. I finished the rough draft early this evening and I'm so excited because, now, I can finally work on getting Soul Confessions published, then Divided Loyalties soon afterwards. 


I can also take the time to write a few book reviews I've been placing on the back burner, in hopes of getting these stories written. I will have another title published before the year is out, a drama this time, titled, If Only. It is sure to touch your heart and soul.


That's all for now. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.


May you stay safe and remain blessed,



February 07, 2015 update: This blog was written early evening on July 20, 2014, a couple of hours before I received news about the unexpected, tragic death of a dear friend - which rocked my world. I'm sorry for the delay in getting my books published as quickly as I had hoped but, when catastrophic heart and soul events happen, other things take a back seat for a while.