Someone's Watching: Who Is It?

Someone's Watching by Sharon Potts grabbed my attention from the time I heard the title. When I saw the cover, I thought it might be based on a horror story so the hair rose on the back of my neck immediately. I knew if it was a horror story, no matter how intrigued, I would not be reading it. To my pleasant surprise, according to the synopsis, it was a story focused along the lines of mystery, suspense and thrills; there was nothing horrifying about the subject matter of the book.


After downloading Someone's Watching, it would be a few months before I was able to get around to reading it. First, I was introduced to a couple of teens who thought it cool to lose their virginity. For whatever unimaginable reason, they thought it was less than desirable to still be pure at their ages but, what started out as a game turned into something dangerous, even deadly.


Next I was introduced to Robbie who had taken a step back from the professional world, who currently played the role of bartender. I wondered how she would play a part in the overall drama with the teen girls. I didn't have long to wait before learning that Kate, one of the girls who had gone missing, was Robbie's half-sister - a fact Robbie learned when her estranged father appeared on her doorstep out of the blue, desperately seeking her help.


From there the story took me through twists and turns into the nightclub scene where evil lurked and death awaited. I was on a whirlwind where I had trouble figuring out the mastermind behind everything sinister that was going on.


Just when I thought I had the answer, another body would be added to the count - the body of the person I had suspected of foul play. It was definitely a title which kept me up late into the night because I needed to learn the answers I so desperately sought.


Someone's Watching is an apt title because, on so many levels, someone was watching - whether it was Robbie's father watching her from afar as she grew, to the "bad guys" keeping abreast of what was going on around them.


It's not only a mystery but a story which teaches the valuable lesson of being thankful - for who we are and for the blessings we have each day so that we will not find ourselves taking chances with our lives because of a whim or fanciful notion. Furthermore, it's a story where healing and reconciliation takes place, where hope rises from the ashes.


If you would like to learn more about this book or would even like to read it yourself, by all means, please visit the book's page on Amazon.