Kayden Lee's Abandoned Angel

From the moment I first opened Abandoned Angel by Kayden Lee, I was gripped by the story. An ideal atmosphere of Angelina spending precious time with her son, Justin, was soon interrupted by violence - inflicted by none other than her husband, Rusty, who had just gotten released from prison.


I had to find out what would happen and pages continued to turn quickly, keeping me awake until the wee hours of the morning. Who was I to complain? I got to know a wonderful soul and I'd like to share a little about her below, if you would kindly grant me a few moments of your time.


Despite the abuse Rusty had inflicted upon her in the past, Angelina had hoped that he would never hurt their son. However, waking in the parking lot of a club - bruised and battered - Angelina soon realized that Rusty had taken Justin away and, at that point, experienced a shattering of her soul as she worried about the fate of her son.


No better title could have been chosen for this book: Angelina (Angel) had been abandoned by her husband and left for dead but, even in her journey toward finding her son, any remnant of innocence Angel had remaining disappeared by the things she witnessed and experienced.


This book portrays a wonderful picture of a loving mother - a mother who would do anything to shelter her son and protect him from harm. She witnessed horrendous sexual acts along the way and saw humanity at its lowest. Even so, Angelina remained true to the convictions of her heart and soul and loved those who deserved it without condition.


All in all, if anyone wants to see a picture of what a perfect mother is, Abandoned Angel is a must-read. If I had to summarize the theme of this book in one sentence, I would say: "There is no sacrifice too great for a mother who loves her child."


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