Time for A Takedown

Takedown is the first story I've read by author Anna Murray. It starts without fanfare but quickly picks up the pace.


Jane, a web designer researching a topic for an upcoming assignment, stumbles into a private chat and witnesses a plot to take control of the stock market - before someone mentions an "outsider's" presence. The chat shuts down and business goes on as usual, or so it seems.


The following day after completing her assignment, Jane checks in (by phone) with her best friend at the workplace. Sandy, preferring to work and talk at the same time, puts the conversation on speakerphone.


When shots ring out, Jane becomes a quiet listener; moments later, she hears her best friend pleading for her life and, seconds later, hears the fatal gunshot and what she presumes to be Sandy's body slumping, then falling to the floor.


Jane knows time is running out, that someone wants her dead. She can't go to her usual haunts and, in her search for answers, she stumbles upon a familiar name - Jack Anderson - and seeks him out.


From there the story is packed with action and suspense. I didn't know what the next page would bring and was eager to find out. I was pleased with the overall telling of the story.


Scenes transitioned fairly smoothly and the characters were well-developed in the space of the story. I gained insight into the "bad" guys, seeing a glimpse of where they came from, and was rooting for the "good" guys to save the day.


I must admit to wanting to learn more about Jack and Jane, what happens in these characters' lives, but I can draw my own conclusions. Sometimes an ending is best left open to the reader's interpretation.


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Please note:


This is an updated cover and title for the above book review. I left the review with the Takedown title since that is what many readers will probably recognize.