Singing Praises for River Song

I had the privilege of reading River Song by Tess Thompson and it absorbed me completely. I found myself going through a varying degree of emotions as I took on the persona of the characters involved in the story.


I experienced depression, disillusionment and even heart-stopping fear like that which comes when a person is always looking over their shoulder. Conversely, I experienced the sweet, breath-taking feeling of falling in love all over again and the wonder of carrying a baby inside of me.


Despite the emotional agony involved with each of their pasts, when Lee encountered Tommy, I knew there was a connection between them. Even though each of them had (at least) one unsuccessful marriage to their credit, I found myself hoping this twosome would give life a chance together - would take a leap of faith and trust each other without constantly fearing what tomorrow might bring.


Granted, in Lee's case, with her life being on the line if she was to be found by the enemy, I could understand fear playing a part in each of her days, especially in terms of planning for the future. It would be difficult and she could never live in total peace.


Of course, with Tommy not knowing the true dilemma she was in, it made it even harder for him because he knew something was eating at the woman he had grown to love - carrying a child he was willing to call his own - yet she remained silent, even in the face of danger, rendering him unable to help her.


I really enjoyed getting to know Lee and Tommy and the other characters in the book; even the bad guys had some redeeming qualities. In fact, River Song may be a fiction story but it brings home the point that, deep inside, there is good in everyone - that sometimes it just takes a special set of circumstances for a person to take the initiative to turn their life around.


Furthermore, it drove home the point that sometimes we just have to take a chance. If a relationship, situation, or new job works out, we've gained the world; if it doesn't, it's another stepping stone - another lesson learned from which we pick up the pieces and move on, embracing a future filled with hope.


I definitely look forward to reading more work by Tess Thompson and would encourage her to keep telling stories from her heart because, when she does, they minister to a heart like mine.


I would encourage you to take a few moments to check out this wonderful book. It has a little of everything and you can learn more about it, or purchase it, by visiting its page on Amazon.