Freedom in Love: Book Three


Jack Steele wondered if the day would come when Tyler Washington would stop running. He was desperate to talk to him, to confess a sin he committed long ago. 


Meanwhile, Tyler returns home in time to foil a kidnapping attempt; little does he realize the impact that single action will have upon his life – how it will send him into hiding, even change his hopes and dreams.


Dee Fleischman cares about both men – Jack as a partner, Tyler like a son. She has the power to bring them together but, despite her love for Jack, she has loyalties towards Tyler, thus keeps quiet.


Will Tyler stop running long enough for Jack to confess his sin or will they continue traveling in the same circles without Jack ever hearing the sound of Tyler's voice?   


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"This book like the other two was a page turner for me. I got some questions answered. I also met some new characters. I also wound up with even more questions. Ms. Budden has a flair for drawing the reader in and then in the end making you want more. I'll have to feed my addiction some more when book 4 comes out." - Rosy Reader, Amazon


"This series can go on for a long time because of the characters involved in it. You will get caught up in the mystery and the love matches that are a part of the story. As you continue to read and relax , you will begin feeling that you know these people personally. You will feel for them, fear for them and maybe even love some of them." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"Ms. Budden has a flair for drawing the reader in and then in the end making you want more." - Lynn Hallbrooks, author


"I love the way Norma writes her characters. I feel like I know this family and I care so deeply for them all. Please please consider reading this series." - Cards 4 Cancer, Amazon


"Love love love this author and this series of books is riveting!! I couldn't put it down!!!" - Laq, Amazon


"The whole series is getting more and more involved as it goes along. Each book ties in to the previous book/s and always solves something that had been left unsolved, although each book has its own ending. I will hate to reach the end of the series." - Nola, Amazon


"This is the third book with these same characters and each one brings me closer to the families. They are all so powerful and real. It takes all I can do to read that there is such danger out there facing them. Well written and such rich characters that you just are completely drawn into their situations. I have loved all three books. Ms. Budden keeps bringing more and more to the plate. You would think the subject would be getting tiring, but it is far from that; it is still building and growing. It still has me hooked." - Vicki Goodwin, Amazon


"These characters felt real because their conversation flows so naturally. At times I expected to look up and have the scene taking place in my room." - B. Adams, Amazon