Freedom in Love: Book One


Monica Townsend enjoyed living the quiet life of a book editor - but, from the moment she stepped through her office door one evening, everything changed. Kidnapped at gunpoint, she was held hostage at an abandoned warehouse, praying her life would be spared as shots rang through the air.


Police Officer, Chase Travers, was on duty when the call came in. Being the first officer at the scene, he didn't anticipate the sight awaiting him - three dead men sprawled on the warehouse floor. Upon further inspection of the premises, he discovered a barely conscious Monica Townsend and stayed by her side until the paramedics arrived.


In the hospital later that evening, supposed to be returning home to his wife and two sons, Chase felt prompted to stay at Monica's bedside to ensure her safety. In the still of the night, a gunshot rang out in the hospital corridor.


Chase and Monica escape and begin running for their lives, but they face an even bigger challenge as they battle an attraction to each other which intensifies as each hour passes. Will they be able to withstand temptation or, in the heat of the moment, after one devastating phone call, will they give in, changing their lives forever?   


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"How can a book about a married man cheating make you smile? Read An Affair to Remember and you will find out ... This is a wonderful story that I didn't expect to like because of the cheating, but it was so well-written that I felt the pain this couple went through. It was very emotional and had me in tears but smiling at times, too ... I was rooting for them to stay together." - Jo-Anne B, Amazon


"Interesting story with lots of unexpected twists." - Laurie, Amazon


"I was enthralled by the realism of this story as if it were unfolding right before my eyes." - Rosy Reader, Amazon


"Thought-provoking with great characterizations ... the plot and tempo is sufficiently engaging to keep you turning the pages; highly recommended!" - JT, Amazon


"This book was, for me, a study in unexpectedness. The twists were unexpected. The rich and vivid character creations were unexpected. The exquisitely-balanced blend of suspense and romance was unexpected. The thrills, chills, hope and heart were unexpected. My "ugly cry face" appearing out of nowhere was unexpected. My absolute NEED to finish this novel in one sitting was unexpected." - Tammy Windsor, Amazon


"Ms. Budden has a pleasing writing style, writes with authority about her topics, and creates characters with good heart or a convincing lack thereof." - LuAnn Rodriquez


"If you love romance, suspense, surprise and some twists you don't expect, An Affair To Remember is sure to rattle your cage ... loved it! So worth 5 stars." - book lover, Amazon


"This author cannot put a foot wrong; EVERY book of hers is a winner and this one is no exception." - Nola, Amazon


"Ms. Budden writes in a deliberate manner that takes the violence, does not make it graphic, and resolves in a way that is honest and satisfying." - GG, Amazon


"As I was reading, I felt I was getting to know the people involved personally and I felt for them." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"This book deals with what happens when married people intend to remain faithful but are put in unpredictable and unanticipated situations ... Budden deals with this theme compassionately without compromising her own values." - B. Radisavljevic, Amazon


"There was an underlying problem that allowed this affair to not feel dirty and tainted as many affair books do. There's an innocence and honesty in their relationship." - Vicki Goodwin


" ... offers the reader a good suspense story and a not so typical love story that I really enjoyed." - Sandy Wolters, author


"I couldn't put it down! Lots of plot twists, suspense and mystery ..." - Jill M, Amazon


"Easy read, fast story line, I was never bored. It was a very fun book to read and would make a great movie." - Laq, Amazon 


"I felt like I got to know the characters...some touched my heart...some made me angry...some puzzled me...all of them came together to make a fantastic suspense-filled and believable story." - ClaudiaLM, Amazon


"I LOVE these characters! I LOVE a book where the interaction with the characters seems natural and their conversation is like normal people talk. This book goes on my FAVORITES list!" - B. Adams, Amazon


"An Affair to Remember was an exciting read from beginning to end. I cannot wait to read more." - Crunchy Mom, Amazon


"I was drawn in to the characters from the first page; Norma has a way of making them feel as if they are your friends and you are seeing it all happen before your eyes." - Karla Bostic


"The characters are very real with strong personalities." - Ready Reader, Amazon


"I was engrossed with this book as soon as I read about the man who lived in the shadows. That was in chapter 1, first paragraph! So much suspense ... as for the ending, boy I didn't see that coming! In fact, I had to read it twice and then I let out an audible, "No way." Well played Ms. Budden!" - Annie, Amazon


"The reader follows along feeling as though they are watching the events unfold before their mind's eye. Despite many guesses, you the reader aren't sure who is on what side...I'm still replaying scenes in my own mind trying to figure out what clues I missed." - Lynn Hallbrooks, Amazon


"An Affair to Remember at it's core, is a love story. It questions societal beliefs, and contemplates the idea of soul mates. If you've ever promised yourself to another, only to find your heart's desire afterward, you'll enjoy An Affair to Remember." - D. Stilwell, Amazon


"I felt so close to the characters and couldn't wait to turn the page to see what would happen next!" - NFL Goodies, Amazon 

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