The Cowboy of Her Dreams

Donna Alward has written a winner with her romance novel titled, Hired by the Cowboy.


Fully expecting a title with sex scenes, as is customary in so many romance novels, I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the last page and realized I could pass this story on even to teens without being embarrassed or having any fear of recrimination.


Though there were definitely some scenes with sexual undercurrents and a few breathless kisses taking place, the story was so well written that I could not help but bring it to the attention of romance readers.


Without going into all of the details of the story, Connor was a struggling rancher who faced the closure of his ranch due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. When in the city one day, he happened upon Alexis (Alex) who looked as if she was about to faint. Coming to her aid and even spending only a short period of time with her, he found in her a gem he didn't expect - someone he wished he could be more like, at times.


He didn't anticipate seeking her out, nor making a proposition that would benefit both of them for a period of time. He certainly couldn't have anticipated the turn of events which would threaten to shatter their lives, their very souls.


If you would like to read a romance novel about characters who are true to themselves even in the face of adversity - characters who are rich and deep, characters you will care about - I would suggest you give Hired by the Cowboy a chance. I know I will definitely read other titles Donna Alward has published in hopes of having an equally pleasant experience in the future.


If you would like to learn more about this title by Donna Alward, please visit Hired by The Cowboy's page on Amazon.


Update: February 02, 2023 - This title no longer seems available on Amazon.