When One Hour Changes Everything

We are all familiar with Cinderella stories, about the down-on-their-luck young ladies who are taken advantage of until someone special finds the jewel inside of them and changes their lives.


This Cinderella story is a little different than the ordinary because there is no wicked step-family involved. Instead, Daniel - a student who hides away in the dark janitor's closet during classes he wishes to avoid - finds himself in a situation where the door is open, then closed, leaving him in the room with a female student whose face he cannot see.


They share a magical hour together, never knowing the other's identity. When the time is up, the lady slips through the door and Daniel finds himself in the position of wanting to know who she is. He soon gives up his quest of finding her - this woman he professed to love - having no idea about her except the sound of her voice. In his mind, he called her Cinderella.


He rejoins the dating game but, one year later - with a bad relationship to his credit - he meets a girl named Six. Something stirs inside of him; he feels drawn to her. He wants to get to know her but continues to be haunted by his thoughts and feelings for his Cinderella.


When he comes to the realization that Cinderella and Six are the same person - which I suspected all along - he feels thrilled that he no longer has to feel divided in his feelings. However, upon realizing Danel was the guy she shared that magical hour with in the janitor's closet, Six shuts him out of her life.


Finding Cinderella explores young love, the heartaches and heartbreaks that go along with it. We are also reminded of the importance of knowing who we share special moments of our lives with, that even if we throw caution to the wind, we have a name and a face to go along with the experience.


Daniel's and Six's story touched my heart. They shared an incredible bond yet lost so much. Even so, at the end of the book, I found myself wishing this twosome would make a success of their lives, of their relationship, in spite of the obstacles in their path.


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