Loving Luc Comes With A Price

Maggie couldn't believe that her husband, David, had drowned. It didn't matter that remnants of his bloody clothing were present at the scene. He was an experienced sailor and something didn't feel right. 


Months later, a stranger (Luc) turns up claiming to be a friend of David's - seemingly unaware that David had drowned, though Maggie is suspicious as to whether or not Luc is being honest with her.


As the story unfolded, I saw Luc doing amazing things which made me wonder exactly who he was and why he seemed so different from the rest of us. I soon found my answers.


Loving Luc is a beautiful romance with the main characters being part of two different worlds - indeed, two different solar systems. The survival of one world is contingent on merging with the other, but will Maggie be able to pay the ultimate price?


Ms. Crum made me think throughout the course of the book. I've never given much thought to whether or not there is life on other planets, likely because I know I'll never to get to see all Earth has to offer, much less than venture to other planets or solar systems. Regardless, my mind has started to imagine if a story such as this could become reality some day - whether or not life in the form of people does exist out there somewhere.


It was refreshing to watch this love story unfold, as well as to see glimpses of Holokhan and the conveniences they enjoyed, even if they were on the bring of disaster because their water supplies were running low. Imagine having a shower with no running water, yet you come out of it feeling refreshed, clean and already dry? I could do without breathing a heavier concentration of oxygen, though, and wouldn't want to live on nutrition bars to survive.


I believe there is a point made in this story, over and above the actual romance shared. I believe the author, through her character Luc, is trying to convey how humans should be careful with their resources - how decisions made today could affect Earth years from now. We've already seen some of the effects of global warming but it makes me wonder just how bad it can get and I, for one, don't even want to imagine it.


This is a story romance lovers will enjoy, a story which has some sexual interludes but focuses on the telling of the story. I would definitely read other titles by Vicki Crum.


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Update: February 02, 2023: This book no longer seems to be available on Amazon.