Angels Among Us


Jewel and Collin live in different countries yet share the same powerful convictions. Though they haven't met in person, e-mails pass back and forth every day, drawing them closer as one month rolls into the next. After almost a year, they put a plan in motion to meet face-to-face.


Just as Collin prepares to begin his road trip to Canada in search of anticipated love, Tracey - one of Jewel's abused and neglected students - graces her doorstep. Collin and Jewel soon realize there is more to Tracey than meets the eye, that this young girl has an agenda of her own.


Will Collin and Jewel be willing to share their time and attention with a troubled ten-year-old? With guardian angels guiding their every step, can their love withstand all the challenges put before them or will they realize they don't have what it takes?



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"I loved the book and the fact that there are Guardian Angels and Faith involved.  It also enforces what I have come to learn through the years, that everything happens for a reason. Good job to both Norma (as always) and Michael...." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"I was pleasantly surprised about this sweet and endearing love story. It was a truly gorgeous read. Thank you, Norma for being one of God's mouthpieces. He truly knew what He was doing when He gave you the gift to write. Great job!" - CL Phoenix, Amazon


"I love the fact that the Angels involved in this book seemed so real. The interaction between the two angels and how they are a big part of the characters lives is very interesting and gives the book a fresh storyline." - Terri, Amazon


"I did not see the twist at the end coming! This is the second time this author got me with an unexpected twist." - Annie, Amazon


"Finally a book I can share with my kids and grandkids and not be embarrassed about. I love the sense of humor that the angels bring to the story while watching over them all." - Karla Bostic, Amazon


" As Angels Watch is a refreshing romance novel where two people meet and fall in love in a beautiful and innocent way ... well-written, vividly descriptive, and incorporates wonderfully fleshed-out characters. A lovely Christian romance novel for readers to enjoy." - Deanna S, Amazon


"I usually skim through books, but not with Norma's book. I took my time and read it slowly, savoring every single word and every scene that she had laid out. I don't think that I have ever taken so long to read one book, but I didn't want to miss a bit of this love story. Norma even surprised me a few times. For this book, I'm giving it five stars and it is worthy of every single one of them!" - SPB, Amazon

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