Unforgivable Vs. Unbearable

In Catherine Castle's debut title, The Nun & The Narc, I met Sister Margaret Mary - a young woman who had yet to take her final vows to become a nun.


I also met undercover DEA agent, Jed, who was trying to take down the local Mexican drug cartel.


Because trouble seemed to follow Margaret wherever she went, in her attempt to protect a young boy she knew, she interfered with the investigation; both she and Jed were kidnapped.


Just great! Jed not only had to concentrate on trying to get himself free but knew he couldn't leave Margaret behind when he did manage to find a means of escape.


As these two tried to outwit their kidnappers, I was turning the pages as quickly as possible, absorbing every word and action, afraid I might miss something. When they escaped, I was ecstatic - but there were so many twists and turns that, what I presumed to be a happy ending, turned out to be only the beginning of their journey.


The story is packed with action and, even amidst the danger, both Margaret and Jed battled an attraction to each other. However, Jed was aware that Margaret fully intended to take her vows - no matter how much she enjoyed his kisses.


Unable to bear the thought of taking her away from God's service, fearing he would never be forgiven, he let her go - though even the thought of living without her seemed unbearable. 


Once again, the story isn't finished because something happened to Margaret and, when Jed learned about it, he became afraid.


This is an engaging story. Even though it's classified as Christian fiction, there is no preachiness involved in the story. In fact, because of the type of story The Nun & The Narc is, it falls more into the category of crime-suspense.


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