Maggie's Turn - When It's Time to Walk Away

Maggie's Turn is the fourth book I've read by Deanna Lynn Sletten, and each book has drawn me in completely.


This book shares the story of Maggie and Andrew - two people who had fallen in love and gotten married. They have a couple of children and, for the most part, seem happy.


Throw in a couple of decades and they find themselves in a rut - merely existing together in a busy life; spending time together has fallen by the wayside.


At the point where I picked up the story, Maggie was hurting unbearably and was on the brink of making an important decision. She would either return to an unfulfilled life and wither, or shake things up in a big way by breaking routine, having no idea what the future might have in store for her marriage.


Sletten gave me information as I needed it, providing insights along the way. Of course, I had an idea of what transpired to break Maggie's heart so completely but I was left with my suspicions - and learned that multiple factors were involved to bring her so much pain and sorrow.


I didn't like Andrew, almost from the onset of the story. He was too overbearing and self-centered, expecting Maggie to dance to the beat of his drum - which she did so faithfully with little, to no, complaint. He didn't care to spend time with his two children, believing raising the children to be "Maggie's job."


As the story unfolded, I met a few characters who helped Maggie along her journey. I embraced Wild Bill and must admit to having enjoyed Bobbi's spunk. It was refreshing to witness Cassie's acceptance of Maggie when Maggie showed up on her doorstep out of the blue. However, the character I embraced most of all whom I met through Maggie on her road trip was Rob - a rich man who lived in the midst of a vineyard, a character I was drawn to in a way I can't fully explain.


Maggie's Turn is an excellent, empowering story which I recommend to women everywhere. It's an eye-opener, indeed, and I guarantee there will be women out there who just might see a mirror image between their life and Maggie's.


To learn more about Deanna Lynn Sletten's book titled, Maggie's Turn, or to read the various reviews - it would take you a while to read all of them - feel free to visit its page on Amazon. 


On a side note, I was introduced to Deanna Lynn Sletten's stories when I came across her book called, Memories, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, then moved onto Sara's Promise before reading Summer of the Loon. You may enjoy these stories, too.


Sletten has penned a few other books which I didn't realize existed until I was preparing to write this book review. It looks like the not-so-distant future has more (Sletten) reading pleasure in store.