Haunted by Memories

Kathleen Shoop has penned a beautiful war-romance story in her novella, Home Again, featuring April Harrington and Hale, a Vietnam war pilot in desperate need of getting his head clear.


Though Home Again can easily be read in two to three hours, the amount of territory being covered is similar to what you would find in a full length novel. 


The story, set in 1969, opens with April having driven nine hours to get to her sanctuary - a house in Albemarle Sound which had been in her family for 200 years.


We learn she is grieving for her brother, Andrew, who lost his life in Vietnam - a brother who never came home, not even to be buried. Nothing had been the same for her family ever since.


Even worse, April had written and mailed a letter to her brother, berating him for not accepting her boyfriend, a man she intended to marry. After her brother was killed, those last words burned on her conscience, guilt moving in to overshadow everything she did.


Still in her wedding dress, she walked onto the dock and began peeling away the layers of her dress. A creaking sound drew her attention and, taking a step closer to investigate, she went through the boards and landed in the water.


Rescue comes in the form of Hale, her brother's best friend, a man who had been at the family home trying to fight his internal dragons.


A pilot in Vietnam, Hale saw his best friend die. He knows the truth of what happened, something he had kept a secret - yet the memories haunt him, destroying him on the inside, rendering him unable to even sleep for more than a hour at a time.


April and Hale are surprised to find an attraction to each other but both are struggling with overwhelming secrets they are reluctant to share with the other.


While restoring the neglected family home, as they work side by side, will they finally admit the truth or will they continue to hide behind it?


If you would like to read this beautiful, breathtaking, heartfelt story of two people who came home again, visit Home Again's page on Amazon.


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