In A Manger


In a manger long ago

A little babe was born.

No one could imagine

As He would grow

How His heart would be torn.


Son of an earthly carpenter,

Son of omnipotent God.

The way He carried Himself,

The way He talked

Stood out, home and abroad.


He gave sight to the blind man

and let the lame man walk.

He healed the sick

Made rich the poor

As swarms of people talked.


He sat children on His knee,

Taught things they ought to know.

Their eagerness to listen

Their trust in Him

Caused His heart to swell, to glow.


Betrayed by His closest friends

He felt a sense of loss.

He knew the time was coming

When He would face

Being nailed to the cross.


The man in Him embraced life.

The God in Him just knew.

Delivered once by Mary

In a manger

He'd now deliver me – you.


Time to believe and rejoice.

Give the world back to God.

Remember the Christ-child

With outstretched arms

And in your soul, applaud.


Copyright 2017 Norma Budden



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