Sandy Wolter's Justice for Emily

There are blessings to be experienced even when not feeling well; it gave me the opportunity to read a few books, one of which was Justice for Emily by author, Sandy Wolters.


Get this! She warned me before reading it, saying that Justice for Emily was very dark; I told her I would whisper a prayer before reading it ... and I did.


I laughed a lot, especially with some of the paranormal aspects of the book - such as a woman who had been dead for ten years making occasional appearances. However, as the words continued to paint a picture - as the story began to unfold - there were times when it brought tears into my eyes, times when I required a few tissues to keep myself from drowning.


The story was introduced by telling me about Emily - a mother of three young children - who had been murdered. Knowing who the prime suspect was made the situation worse.


When I realized how sadistic this suspect was - whom I had already proven to be guilty - I shook my head, almost ashamed to have to read about such a character.


Honestly, if Justice for Emily had not been a book which made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions - if it had been an article stating facts without the benefit of a story - I don't know if I could have read it in its entirety. A few pages of the book would have been far too painful, in and of themselves.


Even now, I could cry at the thought of people hurting others in such a way. Pain is pain and one form is no less harmful than another. However, when people inflict pain upon others intentionally, it brings a wealth of emotions to the surface. I struggled through these when reading Justice for Emily and the book truly is not for the faint of heart.


While I would not characterize the book, itself, as being dark, I will say that it vividly, painfully portrays how dark a human being can really be, especially when bent on destroying the life of another person.


When that person is vile, it's bad enough but, when the victim is an innocent person filled with love and empathy for others, it becomes even worse - probably because of the injustice of it all.


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