When A Reunion Becomes Deadly

Taci Andrews is an investigative reporter who gets into the thick of things when invited to participate in a case revolving around a missing teenager. She also comes face to face with a man from her school days – a man who used to aggravate her on various levels.


She soon learns that things are not exactly as they appear and, when the threats start coming, she knows she’s onto something. However, not being one to back down from a challenge, she determines to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.


Thanks to a television program, she is provided a lead which sends her on a mission to investigate an area under development. She comes face to face with one of the coldest, most heartless, people she’s ever met.


However, the show is not over yet because, when all is said and done, there are more people involved in the conspiracy than meets the eye. Taci has found answers to some of her questions but some continue to burn in the back of her mind.


I look forward to reading the additional books of the series in the not-so-distant future because Amy Manemann’s Deadly Reunion hooked me from start to finish.


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