The Wish Trilogy: Book Two


Sierra set out on her road trip, prepared to search the inner recesses of her soul - but a sound outside of her hotel room window threatens everything.


Katarina has two men vying for her daughter's affection: Victor, Tamara's biological father and Brady, the father of her heart. Can the two men learn to co-exist in Tamara's life, or will the competition between them linger?


Brady loves Katarina and Sierra. He is torn between these two women who meet different needs in his life, but Victor claims he still loves Katarina, and Sierra has befriended Jayden - a man she recently met. What impact will these connections have upon Brady's life? Is it possible he stands a chance to lose both of the women he loves?


The Journey will take you on a journey into your heart and soul as you imagine yourself facing the decisions these characters are forced to make.


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"This is the second book in the series. The main characters and their intertwining relationships begin in, The Prayer, thus I highly recommend reading it prior to this one. The books are Christian-based fiction that are clean reads.

"Sierra wanted some time to figure out a few things, so she began a road trip. What she discovered is that life is never as simple as going from point A to point B.

"I love how Ms. Budden intertwined Sierra's story with what is happening with the other characters creating the complexity, that is real-life." - Rosy Reader, Amazon