Skipping Stones - A Story You Will Feel Deep Within

Skipping Stones by J.B. McGee is a poignant story of love and loss, grief and heartache, as well as hope and healing. The emotions involved in the story are timeless and are shared by each of us on some level.


Alex Hart was a teen blessed among many in that she had a wonderful relationship with each of her parents, not to mention both sets of grandparents. Excited to visit her paternal grandparents and spend the summer with them, Alex didn't mind that her parents planned to take a trip overseas. In fact, she was invited to join them but spending the summer with her Papa and Memaw (nicknames for her grandparents) held more appeal.


Tragedy strikes. Alex soon finds herself spiraling downwards, facing an uncertain future since two of the most important people in her life are no longer at her side.


Turning her attention to the creek - the place where her father tried in vain to teach her to skip stones - Alex meets Andrew Foster, aka Drew, and the healing process begins.


Several weeks pass, drawing Alex and Drew closer together emotionally, when Drew and his mother disappear. Alex is shattered because, despite her attempts to find him, it seems he has disappeared without a trace.


Years pass. Alex joins the military to fund her education to become a medical doctor but she still has not forgotten those weeks spent with Drew, the young man who left with a piece of her heart. She has perfected the art of skipping stones and desperately wishes she can show him.


As one year rolls into another, however, she fears it is not to be. Saying goodbye to another person she has loved throughout her life shakes the foundation of her soul once again...but, despite it all, Alex Hart stands strong, having been refined by the fire and trials of life.


Skipping Stones is a superbly-crafted story with deeply drawn characters you'd like to meet in your own life. It's a touching story everyone will be able to relate to; perhaps it's because they've experienced love and loss, because they've persevered despite the odds stacked against them or simply because they've never lost faith that tomorrow just had to be better.


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