Fact or Fiction: It Seems So Real!

Douglas Cavanaugh is a Croation author – originally from Iowa – who introduced me to his story titled, Into Hell's Fire. As you can imagine, my mind went in various directions as I imagined what this story might entail. All I knew was that it was a war story set in Sarajevo – the type of story I rarely read, yet find occasion to venture into sometimes.


I liked the character of Lucas Martin from the onset, though he was introduced to me by a different name, the name he carried as a child. The back story was well told and, despite the events to unfold in an area which could only be comparable to living through hell on earth, I wondered whether Lucas would ever be reacquainted with his father.


As I read Into Hell's Fire, I felt I was actually in that part of the world. I walked where the characters walked, even became part of the conversations which took place around them, saw the sights they saw. Sometimes I was about to shout warnings to a character until I remembered I was reading a book. It felt so real to me – as if I was the one in the cross hairs of a sniper, as if I was dodging bullets, hoping to escape with my life. I absolutely loved this story!


Cavanaugh is an author I will definitely follow. If his future titles are written as well and are even half as captivating as Into Hell's Fire, I will have no trouble providing additional five star ratings in the future.


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