Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt

SL Beaumont's, Shadow of Doubt, is an amazingly well-written story involving a woman, Jessica (Jess), who is married to Colin - a man struggling to get his business off the ground. In his pursuit of doing everything possible to realize his dreams, Jess feels more isolated than ever on the homefront - even as her own career is on the brink of taking an unforeseen change.


Of course, there are curiosities piqued while reading the story. I had a shadow of doubt about the illustrious Colin, especially as I got to know him and wondered why Jess was never permitted to see his work space. I also had questions about what he did in his office at home, about the conversations he had which were top-secret in nature.


In fact, I had a shadow of doubt about many people in this story - to the point I began to wonder if anyone Jess knew was who they claimed to be. So much tragedy took place between the pages; I questioned everything and saw foul play everywhere. I grew to a point of fearing for Jess' life even more than she did - and I only had an idea of what the bigger picture entailed at the time.


The characters in Shadow of Doubt were so richly carved as though etched in stone for the world to remember - the good, the bad, the downright ugly. The settings came alive without going into heavy detail about time, place and circumstance. Though the story did not feel rushed in any way, the pace seemed fast but a part of that could be a result of my overactive imagination. After all, even when Jess was feeling relaxed, I was holding my breath, unsure what to expect.


The twists and turns this story took caused my head to spin sometimes while, at others, it was as I predicted things would turn out to be. For example, Will; I had a sense from the beginning he was more than met the eye. On the other hand, I felt confident a certain somebody was watching Jess' every move and reporting those movements to someone, yet was proven to be wrong.


In summary, SL Beaumont's tale of love and war grabbed my attention in a big way. It shook me up, aroused my curiosity, removed sleep from my eyes and made me wonder, to what extent, some of the events depicted in Shadow of Doubt might be happening somewhere in the world. I shall be sure to read other titles the author has published because I thoroughly enjoy the way a web is spun.


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