Conqueror Virtual Challenges

Norma Budden of Norma's World

I was introduced to the Conqueror Virtual Challenges a few months before I would be able to participate in one; that doesn't mean thoughts of taking part in a challenge had ever left my mind.


I had always been a strong walker yet wouldn't be able to jog nor run to save my life. Kayaking and snowshoeing are two other sports I enjoy, as well as swimming. 


Cycling - whether indoors or out - is fine as long as the seat is comfortable. I have established a greater endurance for being on the elliptical, but being on a treadmill is not something I enjoy to any degree. 


Inline skating and cross-country skiing are two other sports I enjoy but they have been put on hold for an indefinite period of time. I do hope to get back to those activities in time while improving my proficiency in both.


In time, who knows the range of activities I may use to fulfil the obligations of a Conqueror Challenge? Variety seems to be the spice to everything in life.


If you would like to explore these challenges for yourself, you can take a closer look or even sign up here through my referral link to get 10% off your first challenge.

Completed Challenges - So Far

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