Is It Ever Too Late to Fall in Love?

Emma Scott's, Full Tilt, is the only book I've read in which a romance begins perilously close to the expected end of a young man's life. However, this book is not solely about romance. It is about relationships, in general, and how events in each of our lives affect those closest to us.


I cannot quite fathom how I would feel, falling in love with a guy my age, knowing he would only be alive for a few months. The grief I would voluntarily put myself through, at first thought, seems like a choice I would never make.


I also find it difficult to imagine being a guy falling in love knowing I only had a short period of time left in this world. It would seem so unfair to become her world, for her to become mine, knowing the tears of agony she would shed in the not so distant future when it came time to say goodbye.


Nonetheless, this is what happened in Full Tilt; it was truly an all or nothing situation between burnt out and disillusioned rockstar, Kacey, and limo driver plus glassblowing artist, Jonah.


The world created in Full Tilt was so down to earth, it felt like I was reading about a true family and tight circle of friends, with their highs and lows. The emotions leapt off the pages - not only those of Kacey and Jonah but of each friend or relative in their circle.


It was an enriching story which, at the end, made me second guess my initial presumption - of not being willing to intentially subject myself to heartache and grief. Truly, if the two characters had not embarked upon such a relationship, Full Tilt would never have turned out to be the story it is.


In fact, it begs us to ask if there really is a stage in our lives when we should turn away a chance for love and happiness, or whether we should take advantage of any opportunity we are presented to enrich our lives, even to the end.


To be upfront, Full Tilt does have some sexual scenes but they can easily be skipped, if you so choose, though they are not lengthy in nature. Regardless, the richness of the story - even away from the romance between Jonah and Kacey - is something you should experience for yourself. 


Should you decide to learn more about Full Tilt or read a handful of the hundreds of reviews, feel free to visit its page on Amazon.


FYI: There is a second book, All In: Full Tilt #2, which I read immediately afterward and that story pulled at my heartstrings as much as the first book. Between both titles, I felt like I had witnessed an actual experience which has enriched me as a person and as a parent.