Is It Really Greener on the Other Side?

The cover of Handcuffs & A Pyramid of Satin caught my attention and the story line intrigued me. As a result I bought the book.


Pamela Kay has written a story about a timeless subject. After all, who hasn't, at one time or another in life, felt someone else had it better or wondered if there was something more to be enjoyed in life?


I've been guilty of it, though I must admit that I prefer to count my blessings. I try not to waste my time wishing I could have what someone else has. The flip side of the coin, of course, is that if I want something badly enough, I'm willing to work for it.


In Handcuffs & A Pyramid of Satin, Kelly is disillusioned. She loves her husband, Jeff, but seeks something more - something she can't quite define. However, when she decides to take a trip to her birthplace in Germany, she meets a guy and decides to hang out with him. As he shows her the sights and does things with her, it is then she clues in to what she has been missing in her marriage - FUN.


Simply put, everyone needs to laugh and have fun and it's imperative in a relationship. When life becomes all about work and paying bills - trying to get even further ahead - the magic disappears. The spark diminishes and, all too soon, can be extinguished, especially if left too late.


Sometimes, when seeking more, we take the chance of ending up with so much less - no matter how things may appear at first glance. Appearances truly can be deceiving and the first impressions of a hurting soul can't always be trusted. We certainly saw this situation happening with Kelly, as the blindfold came off and she realized just how much trouble she had gotten into.


Do you find yourself wishing for a different life? Are you living with a load of regret - feel trapped in a relationship which you're comfortable in but don't feel your emotions are satisfied? I'd encourage you to read this book. Of course, it's a book which just might open your eyes, especially if there's a possibility you've been neglectful in showing your love in some very important areas.


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