Swept Away by The Hambledown Dream

When I began reading The Hambledown Dream by Dean Mayes, I couldn't remember the synopsis of the story. Instead of checking it out, I decided to embark on a journey, leaving myself open to the element of surprise.


Immediately, I was drawn into the relationship Sonya and Denny shared and suspected something would befall them, especially since everything seemed so ideal between them. I could never have anticipated what would happen and was curious as to how the story would unfold.


I found myself in an emergency room, watching a man fighting for his life. I watched another man who had been living on the edge, treating life as though it was of little consequence - a man who might survive, only to die the next time he overdosed.


I had never read a story about reincarnation; I had never given thought to reincarnation. However, it wasn't long before I realized that something spectacular had happened. Denny's body died yet his soul inhabited the body of another, enabling both to live - granting each man an opportunity to live through the other.


Even so, for the man whose body had lived, it was overwhelming trying to come to grips with the changes he felt inside his soul, thanks to Denny being unable to live surrounded by such darkness. He had quite an experience trying to grapple with memories of a woman he had never met, of a love he had never known, of a home he had never seen.


The Hambledown Dream enabled me to watch a man (who had been imprisoned by a lifestyle which was leading him on a fast track to nowhere) turn his life around, while everyone marveled at what had become of him.


I witnessed the restoration of relationships and enjoyed the fruits which resulted from broken hearts being mended. I heard music unlike any I've heard before, or since, and wish to hear again. Oh, how I wish to hear the music again...


You see, in life, one trait both men had in common was their love for playing classical guitar. After Denny died and, as the two men merged into one, it became difficult to tell where one left off and the other began.


The expertise in playing guitar increased as the talents of two men combined into one, finally performing and competing in the Conservatory in Australia - a dream both men had held with high esteem.


This truly was an exceptional book to read. Though it has references to reincarnation, many people would be able to relate to the story. Miracles happen each and every day and we never know what might happen in our lives, or in the lives of those we love, which may spur each of us toward becoming better people, having a better appreciation for life and, above all, cherishing the loving relationships of which we are a part.


On a personal note, if you have not read The Hambledown Dream, I'd strongly encourage you to pick it up. Spend some time inside these pages and you just might feel that you've gained a new lease on life.


If you would like to learn more about this story or would like to read the reviews, please visit the book's page on Amazon. Of course, I had to learn more about Dean Mayes, the man behind this superbly crafted story; feel free to check out the author interview.