Taking road trips and experiencing a little of different places along the way is something I find an immense amount of pleasure in doing. I enjoy meeting new people, taking in local attractions and experiencing various types of cuisine.


I thoroughly enjoy landscapes and seascapes, especially walking along a sandy beach or climbing rocks on a rocky shoreline. I enjoy being on horseback when the opportunity presents itself as well as taking a trek into the Rocky Mountains. I have driven long distances to see waterfalls and lighthouses; if I happen upon any type of tree with white-coloured bark, it becomes a joyous occasion.


I enjoy physical activity - especially walking/hiking trails, kayaking and snowshoeing. Since hanging out in Ottawa, it would not be a strange thing to walk between five to eight kilometers on a given day, no matter the weather. I've also gotten into spending time on the indoor bike and elliptical and spend more time swimming - and join a Park Run (though I walk) when possible. Since I've gotten into the Conqueror Virtual Challenges, it has changed my life by making exercise a more enjoyable experience.


One of my greatest passions is to drive - to get into a vehicle and hit the open road, to see where it leads, to find out what a day may bring. It is during these periods when I have some of the most engaging conversations. I also find new settings to focus on for an hour or two to immerse myself in my greatest passion: taking photos.


In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy any of my activities as much if I couldn't take photos along the way. When I see a photo I must take, everything else comes to a halt. I will lie on the ground, get really close to the water, and do other silly things such as sliding my body part way beneath a fence - even over a gorge - to capture the perfect angle. I have a deep fascination for recording moments which my soul has captured forever. This way, my eyes continue to have a visual delight whenever I choose to take a journey into parts of the past I've been able to document through photos and/or videos.