A Survival Story


Kelly had everything a young woman could hope for: an admirable boyfriend, a strong family unit and determination to succeed. 


A few moments shattered everything. En route to a friend's house, Kelly was raped. Weeks later, she is horrified when she learns the result of her pregnancy test. Debating the best course of action, she's forced to face her greatest fear as she explores long held desires of her heart and soul.


When life seemed to have settled into a normal routine, a surprise encounter with her rapist changes her life forever. After apologizing, he strives to reconcile the past and win Kelly's heart.


Tragedy strikes. Hearts are broken. Lives are shattered. In attempting to move forward, Kelly makes a decision which affects everyone who knows and loves her - a decision which begins her decent into a worse hell than she'd known. 


Even though Kelly’s story is considered to be fiction, it's inspired by true events. It's a situation many women - who have lost all hope, faith and love - find themselves in all too often. 


In Coming Unglued, you will read of a woman who overcame insurmountable odds, a woman who would tell you that, no matter how desperate your situation may appear, it’s up to you to take the first step in breaking the chains which bind you. Will it be easy? No! Will it be worth it? Most definitely! 


Just remember that, regardless of how tough it may be to break the cycle of abuse, when you succumb to brutality and humiliation, you lose your humanity and will. Your children deserve better; your children are counting on you so, please, pick up a copy today so you can read this powerful story of hope and courage. 


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"Very good book & very respectfully wrttten." - Jeanette Weibush, Amazon


"I could not put it down once I started reading ... it made me understand a bit about forgiveness and how some victims of abuse are able to carry on and be able to stand up after falling down." - Nunia Qanatsiaq, Amazon


"I tend to stay away from books about abuse but I trusted this author to handle the story in a delicate way. I'm glad that I did. I kept reading until I could no longer read it, then I picked it back up again and again. I just had to know how the story ended." - Rosy Reader, Amazon


"This is a very moving story ... she unfolds the tale in a tasteful yet truthful way." - glendaleona, Amazon


"This is a hard book to read if you were ever an abused woman. On the other hand it leaves you feeling empowered if you survived and moved forward...a MUST read." - Cards 4 Cancer, Amazon


"Norma Budden has captured the essence of a young woman's innocence and winding journey into the depths of traumatic hell." - fitzi, Amazon


"Strongly recommended, but only with a full box of Kleenex nearby." - Joe Crubaugh, Author


"Not every reader gets a chance to truly see the brilliance and emotions of authors; this book reveals both." - Jeff Dawson, Author


"Your attention will be held and your emotions will be at a high pitch. I actually had to put the book down twice because of tears, until I could get a grip on my own feelings." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"I love the way Norma puts her characters in writing. You feel like you are right there watching it all go down." - Karla Bostic, Amazon


"I kept reading until I could no longer read it, then I picked it back up again and again. I just had to know how the story ended." - Lynn Hallbrooks, Author


"This book made me cry. It was honest, raw and well written." - Hannah B. Amazon


"This book truly touched my soul. It's at times both heartbreaking and uplifting. I honestly believe I will never be the same. I was completely engrossed from page one. It has truly made me stop and think, and re-evaluate my own life. I've had it on my kindle for a long while; my only regret is not reading it sooner!" - Billie J. Copas, Amazon


"I loved and hated this book in equal measures, but it is so worth reading and I am glad I have read it. I just have to be able to put it out of my mind so that I can read other books now, which has proved difficult as I keep thinking about it while going about my day." - Nola, Amazon


"This book takes the extraordinary circumstances in life and packs them into one package. I know it's not a pretty book, but Norma did a beautiful job writing this story and it's a labor of love and intent. It is the power of the unconditional, of self acceptance, sacrifice and love. Let me not forget the resilience of the spirit. Because that's what I saw in this." - Lori Zenobia, Amazon


"This heart-stopping story covers courage in its strongest form.The author touches on most people's nightmare, but somehow it is okay in the end. This woman's determination to survive is remarkable and the story so well written." - Nickisbooks, Amazon


"I hated to like this book, because the main character, Kelly, was put through the ringer. The poor woman went through enough to last 3 to 4 lifetimes, but she rose above each and every time." - Tonya, Amazon


"Not an easy book to read, due to the serious nature of the issues being explored. Yet I found myself reading it at the speed of lightning. The book shows that it is possible to eventually move on from even the most horrific and overwhelming experiences, and to make a good life for ourselves and our loved ones." - Zelda Senior, Amazon


"I read the book and, having past experience with domestic violence as a police officer, I was amazed at how author Norma Budden described the crime of domestic violence in such an articulate way, so vivid and frightening.  I highly recommend Coming Unglued to anyone who is involved in an abusive relationship, or who may BE the abuser . . . or to anyone who knows someone involved in such a relationship." - Michael Phelps, Author


"Even though Kelly suffers from abuse, I felt drawn to her personal strength and dignity." - B. Adams, Amazon


"I found myself thinking about the characters and wondering what was going to happen even when I wasn't reading it...that to me, is the sign of a really great book!" - Jill, Amazon


"It is not for the faint of heart. I think this book will stick with me for a while. It sticks to your bones ... the story flows from page to page with easy grace; just the subject is hard period. It was beautifully told but hard to stomach at times. I enjoyed the book for the raw honesty that the pages provided, but I would recommend reading with tissues near." - SB High, Amazon


"This story will tug heavily at your heart and leave you saying a prayer for every single person out there who struggles to survive inside a life filled with domestic violence. Be prepared to shed tears as you find yourself wondering what you would do if faced with the same situation." - Ashley Fontainne, Author


"Norma Budden brings the story to life in all its awful reality in this account of a fictionalized true story. I can't say I enjoyed the story, but it certainly shook me up." - Diana M. Hockley, Amazon


"I don't usually read books of this nature, but this book was an exception & I'm glad I did. I couldn't put it down! Norma Budden's writing style is impeccable!" - Donna, Amazon


"Loved this book, hard to put down. Heart-breaking but honest portrayal of spousal abuse. First person narrative was very effective, really draws you into the story." - Ladybug Butterfly, Amazon


"Ms. Budden takes the story blocks of many and weaves it into a single patchwork quilt that is the character and story of Kelly. It is not an easy read, yet I could not put it down." - GG, Amazon