When International Intrigue Takes Center Stage

Alex Lukeman has certainly penned an intriguing novel in the first book of his PROJECT series titled, White Jade.


From government officials of the USA to corrupt government leaders of China, this book took me on a journey of suspense as I contemplated the final outcome.


Demonstrated within the book was the lack of emotional response as criminals tortured and killed others, regardless of age or rank. In fact, White Jade brought to mind a teaching I had heard one time about not exercising mercy towards one's enemies.


Of course, there's a difference between wanting to pull a trigger and pulling the trigger because of necessity. For example, if someone comes at me with a weapon, my chief response is to protect myself; it's an inborn instinct. However, if no weapon (or other threat is present), I'm not going to shoot and, possibly, kill someone just because I feel like it. However, everyone doesn't think and believe as I do and may consider taking a human life with little provocation.


White Jade had me traveling all over the place but I enjoyed the journey immensely. I enjoyed listening to the debates and watching meetings between government officials unfold.


I enjoyed getting into the minds of the characters and seeing how things would unfold in their lives. To be honest, I forgot I was reading a book; it seemed I was watching things unfold on a television screen because the images were so clear and I could picture almost everything that was happening.


I was certainly petrified when it came time to jump from the plane. I felt terror unlike ever before and had a head rush unlike anything I've experienced, followed later by a magnificent sense of weightlessness. Even so, it was worth it when I saw the cave, imagining how such a scene may look - wishing I could have seen it with my natural eyes.


Needless to say, I was sucked into this story from beginning to end. It seemed I was just following along for the ride - and what a fantastic ride it was! If you would like to take this ride for yourself, please visit White Jade's page on Amazon.


I also had the opportunity to catch up with Alex Lukeman; feel free to check out the author interview.