Freedom in Love: Book Five


Charlie is a tormented father; he yearns to reach out to his two children, but they have no idea he's alive. He has resigned himself to keeping his identity a secret for fear their lives will be threatened should the truth be revealed. That doesn't stop him from growing closer to Tyler's mother, Terri.


After a close brush with death, Tyler feels it's time to take Melissa for a weekend getaway. They meet up with Jonah (the boy who saved Melissa from being kidnapped) and his mother, Cindy. Both adults are starving for adult conversation but they didn't anticipate the feelings they would share, nor the fears they would reveal.


Meet Shawn McAllister – a man Jack wants to buy land from in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Jack will do whatever it (legally) takes to acquire a piece of the ranch, even agreeing to an odd condition: Shawn's partner wants to meet Jack's daughter, Judy, before a decision is made. When Judy shows up, things are not as they seem and a wrong conclusion is drawn. Will Jack get the land he desires so badly, or will Judy put a crashing halt to any negotiations which may have taken place? 


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"The characters are almost like my family now and I want them to be happy." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"If you are a big fan of secret societies like The DaVinci code, you will love this series. Constant intrigue." - Cards 4 Cancer, Amazon


"I adore the way the characters react to each other. I highly recommend the entire series because different characters are dominant in each book but you don't lose touch with old friends that you came to love in the previous books. This is a series that, as far as I'm concerned, belongs in every library." - B. Adams, Amazon