To Gain, You Must Be Willing to Lose

The Accidental Healer by Joshua Graham was my introduction to this writer and what an introduction it was!  I won't say the story is categorized as being Christian-based but, for me, I could see Biblical connotations attached to some of the incidents in the story. 


From the time I learned the identity of the screaming lady in the dark alley - whom Jack managed to stumble upon in his quest to find a place to commit suicide - every instinct within me sensed the story was centered around a few Christian principles and teachings.


I loved the story which, despite the subject matter, was entertaining. I enjoyed the author's sense of humor which shone through his character, especially when we were privy to his thoughts.


I especially enjoyed one of the themes I took away from The Accidental Healer - that one gains his life when he is willing to lose it, when a man is willing to lay down his life for his family and friends.


I won't tell you anything else, for fear of spoiling the story for you. I want you to decide for yourself what the story means to you. However, I will tell you that, after searching Amazon (just now), I was surprised to see "Horror - Occult" listed among the categories because I would never categorize this book as such.


If you would like to learn more about the book, please visit its page on Amazon.