Imagine Getting Married by Mistake

I broke the mold in reading Harlequin Super Romance novel, Married by Mistake, by author Abby Gaines. While browsing book titles, I read the synopsis and knew I'd have to read it, even if I'm more of a mystery, suspense, thriller reader.


Since I published my first e-book, An Affair to Remember, in September of 2011, I've tended to read the work of indie authors because the initial indie books I read really appealed to me. Does Abby Gaines fall into this indie category? Definitely not! In fact, she has 20 titles (and counting) to her credit with most, if not all, of her titles being published by Harlequin.


Regardless, Married by Mistake is worthy of being mentioned, even if it's a book which would appeal largely to a female audience.


Gaines introduced me to Casey Greene, a woman tired of waiting for Joe - her boyfriend of seven years - to actually marry her; she forced the issue by signing up to be married on a reality show.


Suffering a bout of nerves, she tries to leave the studio but meets business mogul, Adam Carmichael, who calms her nerves. Even so, Casey wasn't prepared for Joe to refuse her, thus humiliating her in front of millions of viewers.


Looking on, the last thing Adam expected was to step in and (fake) marry Casey, thereby returning some of her dignity and saving the show.


Intending to get an annulment as soon as possible, they were surprised to learn that the marriage was official, the contract legally binding.


It was entertaining to read about a husband-wife duo who never dated, who hadn't shared anything more than a kiss on a palm before getting married.


I enjoyed watching these two interact with each other and the people around them. They pretended to have a real marriage to deceive others (you'll have to read the book to find out why) but, with every breath they took, the people they really deceived were themselves.


The adult content which came later in the book was tastefully written and happened between married individuals. I didn't feel unclean reading those scenes, which says a lot considering I'm used to skipping over those pages when reading most books in which sexual intimacy plays a part.


There were a few pearls of wisdom in Married by Mistake but the one which stands out most is that we shouldn't get so busy in life that we can't enjoy our lives and the people who are part of it.


Sometimes we have to take off our blinders so we can see people, and situations, for what they really are - enabling us to go through life without continually deceiving ourselves.


If you enjoy a good love story with enough substance to keep you turning pages, you're sure to enjoy Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines. To learn more about it, please visit its page on Amazon.