When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Taking Tiffany by M.K. Harkins is an enjoyable romance with a little suspense mixed into the story.


Tiffany and Todd had been running circles around each other for about a year; trying to hide their interest in each other, they were successful until Todd rescued Tiffany from an uncomfortable situation by pretending to be her boyfriend.


They became almost inseparable afterward, but someone was determined to keep them apart and was willing to go to great lengths to attain their goal. What was their goal? To kidnap Tiffany, and they were determined to prevent anyone from standing in their way.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, we are introduced to Angela, who had definitely committed some grave wrong-doings in the past, at home. In fact, her parents sent her to Romania for a year as a form of punishment, forcing her to do without so many of the creature comforts at home. 


While there, Angela meets a little girl whom she decides to name Ivy. For some reason, Ivy clings to Angela, refusing to let her out of her sight. A bond soon develops between them, similar to a relationship between a mother and her daughter. But trouble lurks. Something back home threatens Angela's newfound happiness, the same thing which threatens the future Todd had planned. 


I was drawn into Taking Tiffany from the get-go and really enjoyed the way M.K. Harkins shared a clean, wholesome story interspersing life lessons and values to live by throughout the story.


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P.S. From what I understand, Breaking Braydon is the first part of this story so I will be reading that one in the near future, though they can both be enjoyed as stand-alone titles.