Crime-Suspense Crossover

We all know what crime is - the act of doing something unlawful for which we can be punished in a court of law. Stealing, breaking into someone's house or business, acting in abusive manners, drinking while driving, commiting murder and such all fall in this category.


Even so, as much as the general population knows about crime, there are crimes in existence which we are not aware of - actions we can take and words we can speak which can land us in a world of trouble.


This section will focus on crime with an element of suspense. You might not be on the edge of your seat or biting your nails to the quick but you can't stop turning the pages because you need to know what's going to happen next.


Please take a look to see the titles listed under this category. 


Happy reading!


Please note: On the menu, you will notice the occasional title without apostrophes. For example, The Jockeys Justice should read The Jockey's Justice. However, with the apostrophe, the link becomes awkward. In trying to keep the words together, it is necessary to omit any apostrophes in the menu so the link will read "the-jockeys-justice" instead of  "the-jockey-s-justice."