Written on The Stars - A Novella


After seven years, Sarah Chambers knew it was time to try setting thoughts of Mike Rivers aside. It didn’t matter that she loved him; because of his parents, they could never be happy together. Determined to take a step forward, she arranged to meet an online friend at a club – but ran into Mike instead. 


Fleeing into the darkness, Sarah couldn’t outrun the memories which chased her – of falling in love, of falling apart. Desperate to find refuge from the gathering emotional storm, she heads to the only sanctuary she knows. 


Hours later, when Mike arrives at her door unexpectedly, claiming he wants to talk, he reveals a devastating secret. Will it bring the ultimate showdown between them or will Sarah be able to look inside herself and, finally, forgive?


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"A beautiful love story between two lovers, Mike and Sarah. This short story proves that not everything is lost when it comes to love." - Apriic, Amazon


"This sweet short story has a lot to like in it ... the ending was sweet but came all too soon. I would have loved the story to be more fleshed out." - bwihighheels, Amazon


"I really enjoyed this story for its innocence and beauty ... I also loved the twists and turns of the plot. I am certainly interested to see more by Norma Budden because her characters came to life for me." - Lisa, Amazon


"A story of love found by a chance meeting. From the beginning Sarah and Mike had the feeling they were meant to be, but as time passed there is separation years between them. Just when Sarah feels it is time for her to put Mike behind her and move on something exciting happens." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"I LOVED this romance novel, which is unusual for me, since I'm a cop, murder and mayhem type of reader. AUTHOR NORMA BUDDEN'S writing style brings her readers emotions to life; you will feel the pain, the doubt, the panic . . . and most of all the love!" - Michael Phelps, Author


"Norma Budden's tale of love cast aside and found again was short, but sweet. She melds the idea of destiny with romance..." - KJS, Amazon


"I always have a soft heart for sweet romance stories, and this one got me hooked from the very beginning. Great job by the author." - CrazyOnBooks, Amazon


"The dominant emotion I feel is one of being greatly blessed by this well written creation. My wish is that everyone who reads it permits the story to touch them as much as it touched me." - B. Adams, Amazon


"I enjoyed reading Written on the Stars, a tender and poignant tale of two people reclaiming the love they foolishly let slip away years before." - Amazon Customer


"Very enjoyable, but thought provoking read." - Nola, Amazon


"I have to tell you that I cried so hard (happy tears - I just love happy tears) that I was forced to put the book down until I could get my breathing under control and could see again." - Sandy L. Wolters, Author


"Norma Budden gives us stories to touch our souls and bring tears to our eyes." - Kindle Customer


"The characters, Mike and Sarah, had me sitting on the edge of my seat hoping for their love to be reunited! It's an amazing story about a love that was lost but then found again." - Heather, Amazon


"I am an avid reader but always of crime and suspense, so this was a challenge for me and what a great challenge! Loved the modern day romance with the use of the internet and quickly came to enjoy the characters. A lovely storyline which holds your attention to the end." - Myshelle, Amazon


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