The Wish Trilogy: Book One


University student, Sierra, has become bored with life, unable to find passion for anything. All she desires is to get in her car and drive.


Five-year-old Tamara loves her mom with all of her heart, but the unthinkable happens: her mom falls and suffers a head injury, then goes into a coma. A month later, the heartache has become too much to bear so she insists upon a trip to the ER, where she meets Doc Brady and wishes he could be the dad she never had.


Long after Tamara left the ER, she was still on Brady's mind – so much that, at the end of his shift, he makes a trip upstairs to visit her mother, Katarina. The moment he sees her lifeless form in the bed, he gravitates toward her in a way that takes him by surprise, even as a paternal instinct he didn't know he possessed yearns to shelter Tamara from further emotional pain.


A chance meeting later brings Sierra and Brady together. As they get to know each other, an emotional connection develops between them, but is it strong enough to withstand the pull Brady feels toward Katarina?


When all is said and done, will Brady and Tamara be able to hold onto each other, become the father-daughter team they both desire, or will something greater than either of them imagined stand in their way?


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"The author is brilliant in her character development as she draws her readers into the hearts, souls, minds, spirits and challenges of their blended lives ... the way the author creates chance meetings between the characters is fascinating and as their lives overlap and intertwine there is a profound impact on all of them. The most powerful feeling throughout the entire book is love ... the author is amazing in how she explores many challenges of love but greater than that is how she makes it quite clear that love is a force that can change lives when people go to great lengths to understand love, to fight for love, and to sacrifice for love." - Gail A. Eichinger, Amazon


"Just like in real life, I met these fictional characters as strangers and now I have gotten to know them and look forward to learning more about them over time." - Rosy Reader, Amazon


"Interesting story line about the adorable five year old Tamara who wants to visit her mother who has been in a coma for over a month. Because she is "heart sick" ER Doctor Brady works on getting her in to visit her mother. Tamara sometimes shows more spiritual and emotional maturity than most of the adults involved." - BH, Amazon


"The story flows smoothly and progresses quick into a twist you never expected when you fell in love with these characters. There were times I found myself laughing out loud and times I felt heartbreak. The author truly draws you into this world." - Cards 4 Cancer


"What a beautiful and touching story, each character seen so clearly through the sentences written with such feelings." - PumpkinRuse, Amazon


"Recommend this story. I am looking forward to reading book 2. It was a book that once I started reading couldn’t put it down. Easy read and very inspiring." - Linda Ridge, Amazon


"A heartfelt story about love and faith. Filled with a cast of interesting characters, heartwarming moments, and a few twists and turns, it will leave you wanting more." - Deanna S., Amazon


"The person at the center of this story is little Tamara, whose mother is in a coma, and doesn't seem to be coming out of it any time soon. Each of the characters in this book have a connection to this little girl and her situation ... I am glad that there will be a sequel to this book, as I would like to see what happens to these people in their futures." - Zelda Senior, Amazon


"What a wonderful book!! Make sure you have a couple of hours free when you start reading this, because once you start you will read it in one sitting." - Ann Ferri, Amazon


"What an awesome story. Really held my attention and I finished it in 2 days. Hard to put down." - Jeanette Weibush, Amazon


"Reader's note: I read this book in one sitting, so if this book interests you, I recommend that you clear a couple of hours of time or give up sleeping that night." - Lynn Hallbrooks, Amazon


 "I wish I could give this book a lot more stars. Everything seemed to unfold into this incredibly written story about life and hope. I realized that this book couldn't have been written any differently, or any better. This book will open your heart and your mind. It will make you think and then it will make you rethink the same thing again and again." - book lover, Amazon


"This is the first book of a trilogy that will grab every reader's heart in a unique way. The story line flows so easy that I finished in a day and want to know more about these characters." - B. Adams, Amazon


"A very unique and uplifting story allowing us to look into the inner thought processes of the characters' lives. I enjoyed being able to understand their challenges and their whys. The author left me wanting more." - Laurie, Amazon

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