December 13, 2023
A Christian fiction thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, even as you ask yourself what you would do if you could see and hear everything - but were trapped in your own body with no way of asking for help.

Angkor Wat - Conqueror Virtual Challenge
June 04, 2023
Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia and is the home of numerous temples and ruins. I took an amazing 32 km virtual journey through it as one of my Conqueror Challenges and decided to share my thoughts.

Chichén Itzá - My First Virtual Conqueror Challenge
May 26, 2023
Norma Budden of Norma's World shares her thoughts and a few photos pertaining to her first virtual walking challenge - the Chichén Itzá - through Conqueror Challenges. Since the walk was virtual, the photos Norma shares are photos she took in Ontario - largely in the Ottawa area - during the 154.5 km she walked as part of her Chichén Itzá virtual challenge. The photo of the actual pyramid at Chichén Itzá came from Wikipedia Commons.

February 26, 2023
I've been immersed in a world Anthony Bellaleigh created in his book, Thunder, which I have had for a few years but have just gotten around to reading during the past week. Such is the price when I've had a hectic work schedule and family obligations, followed by an unexpected work-related injury which rocked my world. I admit to photography having taken most of my attention since the summer of 2021. I have done some reading but haven't written reviews for the few titles I did read. Creating...

February 25, 2023
Cameron Valdez is exceptional in a few ways - not the least of which involves the hand-crafted, torch-burnt wooden signs/name plates he and his son, Connor Valdez, creates at C & C Woodworks. I had known about Hawaiian-born, Alaska-living Cameron long before we started communicating. A heartfelt post he had shared on his sister's timeline was the reason I decided to reach out to him. His way of expressing himself using the written word struck something deep inside. I ended up visiting his...

Dear Jamie
February 14, 2023
It was only a month ago when I spent time at the bedside of a friend from Nunavut, who was slowly slipping away from various types of Cancer. I held his hand until hours before he passed from this life into the next. His sickness and rapid decline was something unexpected yet, at the same time, I felt I had been granted a gift to have been part of that period of his life – even considered it a blessing for various reasons. With you, Jamie, I didn't experience any such blessings. I didn't know...

Author Interviews with Khaled Talib & Dianne Harman
February 11, 2023
I had a fantastic time catching up with authors Khaled Talib and Dianne Harman, two authors of whom I have utmost respect. I enjoy their imaginations and any interactions I have with them. They are both world travellers and fascinate me on a few levels. When Khaled told me what inspired him to write his first novel, I laughed because I was so surprised at his response. When Dianne told me how she manages to find time to write, I smiled inwardly, so delighted by her response. Between them they...

January 23, 2023
In August, I discovered an outdoor gem within the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Remic Rapids Park - from its rock sculptures and surrounding scenery - to The Bistro, which offered a variety of foods with plenty of seating space. I went back there a few times during the summer and decided to pop back and visit the area during winter. What a delightful treat it turned out to be! I enjoyed seeing the large trees adorned in snow and the water with ice having...

September 06, 2020
Cal Rogan doesn't have a photo; all I've seen is his profile from behind because he is always turned away from the camera. I learn from Cal and, except for his addiction to heroin and the danger it poses, I wouldn't mind being like him. He has a sharp mind, is a loyal friend, loves his ex-wife and daughter and has a thirst to see justice served. Truth be told, though, I wouldn't have met Cal if not for Robert P. French. Robert introduced me to Cal and that is when I learned about Cal's...

June 16, 2020
On December 31, 2019, I woke feeling as though an exhausted person with no desire, nor enthusiam for life, had crept into my body and mind and taken over - with no warning. I managed to get myself to a doctor's office where I couldn't even manage to sit and wait to be seen. Feeling I was about to pass out after sitting for a couple of minutes, I dragged myself to the counter and asked if there was somewhere I could lie down. Of course, it was a clinic - not an emergency room - so they were not...

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