Hershey Falls - A Short Story


Jonathan Hershey was still grieving the loss of his family five years after an accident claimed their lives. Deciding to take a break and re-evaluate his life, he took a trip to the ocean, one of his favorite places to be.


Danielle Jacobs was raising Faith as a single parent - not the way things had been planned. However, the man she planned to marry took off, leaving her and their daughter behind.


Jonathan, Faith and Danielle stumble upon each other at the beach and spend some time together. Will these wounded souls be able to help each other deal with the aftermath of what happened in the past?


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"Jonathan Hershey lost his family. Now, faced with another day without them, he ponders what his future holds. Two people enter his life. Are they the answer to his question or just a temporary distraction? I really enjoyed how this story unfolded and the messages it brought along with it." - Rosy Reader, Amazon


"A chance meeting, a very open and loving little girl and a whole new world awaits. I would recommend this story to anyone who has loved and lost or had a loss in their life." - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"I enjoyed how this story unfolded and the messages it brought along with it." - Lynn Hallbrooks, Author

"This is very short story followed by a very touching dialogue from the author. I can relate to this story."  - Jeff Dawson, Author


"I have never written a review, even for books I considered 5 star books. Saying that, I have to say that Norma Budden's Hershey Falls touched my soul. Beautifully written. Bravo!" - KindleLover, Amazon


"I'm not one for short stories as when I sit down with a book I'm there for hours.....however this was a great short story and I'm glad I read it!" - NFL Goodies, Amazon


"It is short but the characters were well enough developed that I liked them, especially Faith. Two sad adults meet and you know what is going to happen, but Ms Budden managed it in a very satisfying manner. I enjoyed it." - Tina, Amazon


"Author Norma Budden has a way of reaching inside your soul and learning just what makes you tick, then telling the world a story about it. You always feel better after reading her work." - Karla Bostic, Amazon


"Hershey Falls" is a great story about love and loss." - Adam, Amazon