I am a lady with many talents who has spent my life in Arctic Canada since 1992 - with the exception of the past year  (January, 2022 onward) since I've been hanging out in Ottawa, Ontario due to a work-related injury. 


I am a mother of three and grandmother to three. In each case, there are two girls and a boy. My youngest, a son, is still living with me. My daughters and grandchildren live in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, having moved on to pursue their own endeavours.


I enjoy cooking and baking, reading and writing (songs, poetry, fiction books, book reviews) and playing and listening to music. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others, and physical fitness has become a daily part of my life.


I cherish my friends perhaps more than the average person because, from an early age, I had to let them go whenever my family and I moved to another town or province. Now, I will do whatever is in my power to maintain a friendship - even if it means driving across several provinces or states just to sit down and have a meal or spend part of a day together. In fact, some of those friends feel more like my lifeblood.