A Pawn in Bio-Meddical Research

Gargoyles is the first book I've read by author, Alan Nayes, and it sure won't be the last! I can't wait to read the remaining books in the series.


If I had to be completely honest, after reading shorter e-books, I was a little intimidated by Gargoyles' 400 pages length; I feared I'd start and it would take a couple of weeks to read. However, it was next in queue and I didn't want to keep the author waiting any longer so I grabbed the bull by the horns, so to speak, and thought I'd better get with the program.


It hurt to see Amoreena struggling with a mother dying of Cancer. However, because the medical insurance would no longer fund her mother's care, Amoreena thought time called for desperate measures. When a woman called - appearing to be the answer to Amoreena's financial prayers - she took advantage of the opportunity - and landed in a nightmare.


Murder and mayhem did ensue as Amoreena got closer to discovering the truth about bio-medical research being performed; indeed, she had become a pawn. Kidnapped and held hostage, the only means of finding escape came from an unlikely ally. However, with various officials in her kidnapper's pocket, would she get her life back or deliver the goods expected of her and meet with an untimely death?


It took me five sessions to finish reading this book and, though I lost a little too much sleep, I'd do it all over again!


If you haven't read a book by Alan Nayes, I'd strongly encourage, persuade, suggest and coerce you to begin reading this book today - but it comes with a warning: you may forget you have a job, a family or various appointments you may hold because, when you enter the world of Gargoyles, everything else becomes a dim reality.


Will you pay attention to my suggestion and begin reading this book? Good for you! You can visit its page on Amazon.


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