A Penchant to Travel

I enjoy travelling. You can even read an overview of what travelling means to me in the Connect with Me area of Norma's World.


Travelling opens worlds of discovery for one and all - more for some than others - depending upon their interests, what they are seeing, feeling, experiencing, and so on. If a person is travelling for business purposes, those travels may become dreaded experiences especially if all aspects of the trip pertain to business.


If a person is travelling because they have no choice, the trip may turn out to be something they have fond memories about or it could be fraught with miserable memories they would not care to remember.


If, however, a person or people travel for the pure reason to have leisure time and see what sights can be discovered and enjoyed, the sky is the limit to how wonderful such trips could turn out to be - despite any mishaps which may happen along the way. This is the category I find myself in - whether it's a family road trip during vacation or a day trip to take a break from home.


I could have an entire website dedicated to travelling but decided there is sufficient room right here. Stay tuned as this is only the beginning of the sights I will show you here at Norma's World. Maybe you have travelled to some of these places but, chances are, you may discover something new.