As an avid reader, it is always a privilege to get to know the authors behind the books. I've been fascinated to learn what motivates authors to write the stories they do. Does a story come from personal experience or is it purely a figment of an author's imagination?


Are the authors writing full-time or, like me, do they hold others jobs and write on the side, hoping to make a living at it in the future? Do they write as a hobby but decide to publish a book to meet a goal they had set out to accomplish at one point in their lives?


Of course, it's always nice to learn about the people who form their worlds: their families and friends, their mentors and so on. 


This part of the site was created to satiate this curiosity of mine and to bring to you a few respected authors with whom I've had the pleasure of crossing paths.



My personal congratulations go out to any author featured on this site; it means you stand out - keeping in mind that I will never live long enough to read every book, nor every author's work.


Remember: there will always be another book and author I will have the privilege of discovering. Come again! You never know. The next book might be yours!


Norma Budden