As an avid reader, it is always a privilege to get to know the authors behind the books. I've been fascinated to learn what motivates authors to write the stories they do. Does a story come from personal experience or is it purely a figment of an author's imagination?


Are the authors writing full-time or, like me, do they hold others jobs and write on the side, hoping to make a living at it in the future? Do they write as a hobby but decide to publish a book to meet a goal they had set out to accomplish at one point in their lives?


Of course, it's always nice to learn about the people who form their worlds: their families and friends, their mentors and so on. 


This part of the site was created to satiate this curiosity of mine and to bring to you a few respected authors with whom I've had the pleasure of crossing paths.


My personal congratulations go out to any author featured on this site; it means you stand out - keeping in mind that I will never live long enough to read every book, nor every author's work.


Remember: there will always be another book and author I will have the privilege of discovering. Come again! You never know. The next book might be yours!


In the meantime, the authors interviewed at Norma's World are featured below; click on either photo to go directly to the author's interview page.

Authors Interviewed

Alan Nayes

Alex Lukeman

Anthony Bellaleigh

Dean Mayes

Diane Moody

Dianne Harman

Donald Stilwell

John Locke

Joseph Rinaldo

Lorena McCourtney

Douglas Dorow

JC Allen

Kathleen Shoop

Khaled Talib

Louis Lamoureux

Robert P. French

Melissa Foster

SL Beaumont

Tania Tirraoro

Kayden Lee

Sandy Wolters

Tia Souders

Van Heerling

Wendy L. Young

                                           Ashley Fontainne

             Jason Halstead