Crime-Legal Thrillers

This section will touch on fiction thrillers pertaining to crime and/or involving legal proceedings. You will see titles which send shivers up your spine. It may make you bite your nails, pull at your hair, even hold your breath or set the book aside for a few minutes to catch your breath since you have no idea what is coming next. 


You may even discover yourself trying to influence your characters - talking to them, yelling at them or even screaming out warnings on their behalf. Enjoy the ride; you're sure to take one!


Please note: On the menu, you will notice the occasional title without apostrophes. For example, Someones Watching should read Someone's Watching. However, with the apostrophe, the link becomes awkward. In trying to keep the words together, it is necessary to omit any apostrophes in the menu so the link will read "someones-watching" instead of "someone-s-watching."