Non-Fiction Stories

As much as numerous fictional tales are inspired by true events or even carry elements of reality, there are some stories/books we come across which are not fictionalized in any way.


In this section of Norma's World, we will be taking a look at those true life accounts others have shared. 


Though many of these stories will reflect pain and heartache, some of them will also provide hope and inspiration, perhaps even healing.


Browse the menu to see the nonfiction titles. The subject matters range from romance to the death of a family member to being the daughter of a serial killer. We even learn about the real man, David Janssen - star of The Fugitive TV series - as his life was really like behind the scenes. 


Have a few tissues near. Prepare to rant and rave and, possibly, shout at some of the people whose lives you will read about. Depending upon which title you decide to read, you may be in for one of the most heart-wrenching journeys you've ever taken while reading a book.


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Non-Fiction Books Reviewed