The Writing Bug Strikes

During the autumn of 2011, I published the first book of my Freedom in Love Series titled, An Affair to Remember. December, 2011, brought the second book, When Love Abides, to readers' bookshelves, later followed by Soul Confessions, Divided Loyalties and The Promise


I've also written short stories/novellas titled, Hershey Falls and Written on the Stars. There are a couple of stand- alone titles in the mix: If Only and Coming Unglued: A Mother's Journey into Hell, inspired by true events. I have published an autobiography titled, Arctic Child, as well as a title written with the late Michael S. Ingram titled, As Angels Watch - previously titled,  Finding Tracey.


The Prayer was supposed to be a stand-alone title called The Gift. However, my characters took me for a surprise and turned it into a trilogy but, at least, the series will have a beginning and end, unlike my Freedom in Love series. The second book, The Journey, was also published but a date for the third title, The Choice, is in the works. All in all, I look forward to a promising future filled with new characters, stories and finding other outlets for my creativity.

Author Interviews - Spotlights

Reading & Book Reviews

I've enjoyed reading since I can remember but, after publishing e-books of my own, I knew how much I enjoyed receiving reviews. It only seemed right to review the titles I had read to give that same pleasure to other authors, especially those indie authors who were starting out. I'll be the first to admit my reviews are not necessarily critiques but anyone who takes the time to read a couple will know they are interspersed with personal thoughts and feelings, even questions I had during the reading of a book- and sometimes long after the last page had been turned. Of course, sometimes I want to know more about the author so have taken the opportunity to get some candid interviews with a few of the authors behind the titles.


You will find a listing of all the books I have reviewed in the book review section of the website, including purchase links for each title on its featured page. If you use Twitter, you can follow @NormasWorld2. If you would like to direct my attention to something, please use hashtag: #NW2Reviews.

In A Dream World

In a dream world, I would be able to spend more time writing. Even so, I wouldn't want to be sitting at my computer nearly every hour of the day every day. As a result, I came up with a new way of writing which involves dictation, emailing a file to myself, then uploading to my book-in-progress. There is more editing involved but I can go for walks, take photos and write at the same time. How can I beat such a possibility?


I hope, even pray, that one day I will productively spend (at least) 6 hours each day involved in the business of writing while still having the energy to live my life, read, take photos and enjoy more time with family and friends. 


Will it come to pass? Of course it will! In this area, I will not take no for an answer. I already have my dream house born inside of my mind so it just has to come to pass. Meanwhile, as I wait, I dedicate most of my spare time to documenting settings and writing stories which have written themselves upon my heart.