Science Fiction & Fantasy

In the world of fiction writing, writers and authors often include snippets of themselves and their experiences in their books and stories, even though the story lines themselves are purely figments of imagination.


In crime fiction novels, crimes need to be solved following a certain protocol for the stories to be plausible. Otherwise, all it takes is for one reader who knows how to do things the right way to discredit your entire story. So, even in fiction, an element of fact has to appear to keep your readers engaged.


That being said, in fiction, there has to be a category for people who have random "what if" ideas, stories they would like to explore with no boundaries, with no part of it needing to be grounded in reality.


This is where the science-fiction and fantasy genre comes onto the scene. These stories can still have characters with human elements or a judicial system similar to our own, but it's not a necessity. These authors can create a monster and have readers going along for the ride, no matter how bumpy, harrowing or even illogical the ride may become.


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