An Intense, Intriguing Storm of Attraction

Lily Black's Storm of Attraction reached out and grabbed hold of me from the first sentence, which read: "If only all of life's problems could be solved by kicking butts or hiding in a book."


How many times have I wondered that same thing, pondered why I have to work so hard at solving the various problems which come along through the course of a year, much less than a lifetime? Of course, all of the problems have no direct bearing on me but I feel compelled to lend a helping hand, or listening ear, and before I know it, the problem seems to linger within my heart and mind.


How many times have I wished I could curl up with a good book and finish it, knowing when the last word had been read, a situation I faced would have miraculously become part of the past?


Well, it doesn't work like that, does it? Too bad, so sad, but life goes on. I can read to escape for a little while, and I can kick butt in an appropriate setting to let off steam. However, at the end of the day, I cannot ignore the problems which surround me - and having a positive outlook on the situation will only go so far. For example, it will not work if I'm trying to escape someone who is trying to kill me. 


Well, guess what? That's what Alexa faced in Storm of Attraction. The biggest problem she faced was trying to figure out who among her acquaintances or so-called friends was behind the series of attacks directed toward her. 


Thankfully, she became reacquainted with Drew, a young man she had fallen in love with during a whirlwind romance five years earlier. To say they picked up where they left off would be wrong, but he swore to protect her, even if he ultimately had to pay the price with his life.


There's not many people who would be willing to put themselves in mortal danger in hopes of sparing the life of someone they love. Of course, most of them say they would but, when push comes to shove - when looking at a raised knife or a gun pointed to their head - perceptions can easily change. Of course, no one ever wants to be put in the position of making such a decision.


I thoroughly enjoyed Storm of Attraction, even if it did chase me through my dreams and cause me to wake in a cold sweat. It's not a horror story, by any means, nor is there any graphic violence but the psychological suspense was almost more than I could bear, at times. I'm just so thankful it had a heartfelt romance between two characters whom I had really grown to care about. 


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