When All One Can Do is Hope

I met Lexie Dodson when she was standing on a balcony, ready to take a leap which would result in her death. However, a persistent knocking on her apartment door got her attention - and, ultimately, saved her life.


What happened to cause such distress? Lexie had been brutally raped - at the hands of her best friend's husband. You shake your head because you just can't comprehend the situation, but I invite you to close your eyes, to take a moment and let that thought sink in - the thought that a woman was raped by her best friend's husband.


Imagine if it was you - or someone you cherished. Could you imagine seeking retribution? Could you imagine committing ungodly crimes, even if fantasizing in your mind?


Are you ready to take it one brutal step further? Lexie learned that she was pregnant and couldn't accept the fact, especially under the worst possible set of circumstances. Shame clouded her days and she lived with horrifying memories of the rape. Deep inside, Lexie didn't think she was capable of raising the child she was carrying; it would be a constant reminder of the worst moments of her life. As such, she begrudged the fact that she would have to put her first child up for adoption. Lexie's rapist had tainted motherhood for her; she didn't think she would ever forgive him.


Lexie was also plagued by a sense of (unfounded) guilt: her best friend had always been unsuccessful in conceiving. However, being used to an open and honest relationship, Lexie felt guilty that she had to keep this secret - but how could she tell the friend she loved most in the world that her husband was a rapist? It wasn't possible.


Waiting on Hope took me into the lives and emotions of many characters. I felt they had become my friends and was sorry the story had to end. However, it's refreshing when hope arrives - whether it's in the morning, the afternoon or even during the night.


If you only read a handful of books this year, this should be one of them. Would you like to read the author interview? Also, if you would like to purchase this title, please visit the book's page on Amazon.