War-Related Fiction Stories

One of my dearest friends in the world is a United States war veteran. I've heard some of his stories about war-related events and would like to hear more in the future. I don't like hearing how he became injured - it sounds so painful - but it's part of what has shaped him into the wonderful person and friend he has become.


I've known other people throughout my life who have either fought in a war or told me stories about people they've known who have fought. Their stories have always captivated me but I'll be the first to admit that, while I could sit for hours and listen to war stories, I would never want to find myself in a war-ravaged country.


I could say it's because I'm a wimp - which could be true, to some extent. I live a simple life yet I crave creature comforts.


However, the greatest fear I'd have is not that I wouldn't have a bed to sleep in or three meals each day. What I believe would bother me most is the emotional toll it would take. I'd be pulled in every direction imaginable. I'd want to help everyone yet would come to understand my hands are tied, that there is only so much I could do, despite the level of need. I don't like feeling so limited and I fear I'd come back believing I could've done so much more.


At any rate, Norma's World wouldn't be complete if its book reviews didn't consist of a few war-related stories. The beauty of these books is they are fictional tales. Even so, they take you into the heart and soul of war-ravaged countries. You see the fear and mistrust people have. You hear them wondering whether any place is safe.


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War-Related Fiction Books Reviewed