When Your Ex Finds Someone New

When I first started reading Christian fiction titles, Deborah Bedford was one of the first authors whose books I read. Since then, I've been introduced to several Christian fiction authors but it is always a treat to read something new or to re-visit a title written by Bedford, one of my long-time favorite authors.


At first glance, I thought His Other Wife was about a man cheating on his wife with another family on the side. Thinking of the stories I had previously read by Bedford, though, it didn't quite fit.


After reading the synopsis, I bought the book...but, by the time I got around to reading it several weeks later, I had forgotten what the story was about and, instead of returning to read the synopsis, I decided to just begin reading to see where the story would take me.


His Other Wife took me on a journey into the relationship between a couple who divorce and, six years later, I see the ex-wife looking on as her husband interacts with his new younger family. I felt for each of the main characters in the story.


Hilary struggled with forgiving Eric for falling in love with another woman (Pam) - ultimately tearing apart not only the family they had created but shattering her hopes and dreams, to say nothing of her sense of security. I can empathize with how she felt.


I met Seth (Hilary and Eric's son) who was about to graduate from high school. He was burdened by how much his mother depended on him but, overall, seemed to have a level head on his shoulders. Even so, one bad judgment call would have an everlasting impact upon his life. 


I met Pam and could understand her insecurity, to some degree, where Eric and Hilary were concerned because they shared so much, and so many memories, for so many years. It was easy for Pam to feel left out of conversations, as if she wasn't in the room, because she had little to contribute. Even so, she did whatever she could to help Hilary and brought up some valid points for Hilary to consider.


As for Eric, I could see him struggling, especially when both of his wives (ex and present) were in the same room. In some ways he embraced his first wife even as he loved his second wife but the strain between the two women was certainly taking its toll.


Pam's son and daughter both worship the ground Seth walks on and it was refreshing to see how these two little ones would help heal the hearts of the people around them.


All in all, His Other Wife was a refreshing story which I shall always cherish. I really enjoy that Deborah Bedford writes stories which appeal to our emotions, hearts and souls.


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