Freedom in Love: Book Four


Monica and Chase have decided to get married but there is a lingering feeling of doom within Monica's heart and soul.


Dee is torn between her love for Jack and her loyalty to Tyler, caught in the middle between two men who need to meet, yet she fears the repercussions if they do.


Terri feels divided. She's interested in Charlie yet cannot set thoughts aside of two deceased men from her past. She's confused even further when her adopted granddaughter insists that one of the deceased men is really alive.


Will events unfold to bring about a sense of peace or will divided loyalties linger in the heart and mind?   


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"Thank you Norma, for another good novel. I enjoy reading the books you write." - Nunai Qanatsiaq, Amazon


"Norma Budden really has a way of telling a story that keeps you wanting to know more. to find out exactly what is the hidden story. The emotions are very real and well shown so that you feel the confusion and conflict of the principle characters. Well written and the story just keeps on going. More mysteries to solve in the next books. You can't read just one, you need to know the entire story." - Vicki Goodwin, Amazon


"This book has some tender moments that will be etched on my memory, a confrontation that ends unexpectedly and the relationships that feel to real that by this fourth book, you feel as if you have met them in person at the grocery store or perhaps at church. If your given just a little more time, you know that you'll remember where you met each of them in person." - B. Adams, Amazon


"Divided Loyalties by Norma Budden did not disappoint me. Catching up with the characters kept me turning the pages. As more and more of their lives are revealed, I want to know the next step. Another page turner!" - Dee Fleischman, Amazon


"Ms. Budden has an uncanny way of resolving one issue only to reveal another can of worms. To top it off she shares real life settings in a way that doesn't use curse words, overt violence, or even descriptive sexual scenes." - Lynn Hallbrooks, author